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Open and sustainable collaborative industrial or commercial projects


The project management is conducted among a committee. This committee consists of members and possibly external partners to the association. A committee's representative is appointed by the General Assembly during the vote for the plan's adoption. The commission's head is responsible of the management's plan towards the association and committee members.  He appoints, or can himself be the project manager.

APICOD promotes co-design and eco-design through its projects.

ACOSIP is open to all projects matching the selection's criteria based for sustainable development corresponding to the association's purpose as described in the articles of association (see About or download the articles of association File:ACOSIP-APICOD articles.pdf).


Proposals for projects shall be made to the Committee, which will assess them to a vote at a General Assembly.

Project initiator may be placed in charge of the project and head the working committee, enabling them to maintain some control over the project.

The life-cycle of a project can be very variable depending on its nature. There is no time limit to a project. It may be withdrawn from the Association's activities and becomes a separate entity; we hope that its objectives will continue to observe the principles of sustainable development.

a particularly promising project

Canopyz is a particularly promising project. It is an entertainment device planed for nature tourism and recreation's sector. It is base on the principle of non-motorized with low environmental impact. It is particularly seen for forest environment, plain or mountain resort, recreation areas, adventure or animals parks, etc. This kind of installation may also be integrated into an amusement or theme park.

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