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Open doors to a different world

“Our society, with its current lifestyle, can no longer do without industry. For this reason, it is essential to direct it toward sustainable development. This paradigm change consists notably of conceiving of goods, their production and their purpose under a wider perspective, and of moving toward a more open and collaborative model.” Potentially all activities —whether they involve production or service— could be included in this change! Although currently not all of these activities are likely to comply with the requirements of sustainable development, the evolution of knowledge and technologies must lead to this end.

Our Activities

Our association supports all kinds of projects —of up to a medium size— proposed by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that demonstrate values of sustainable development (more information under About). From the study phase to the conception of a prototype (or model) to commercialisation, we combine forces with partners, members and communities through social networks and volunteer associations in order to bring together skills, financial resources and more. Canopyz is an example of a project that ACOSIP has supported from the beginning. We were there from the idea, to development, to the creation of the business plan, to the building of the prototype (and pre-production for certification) and finally commercialisation.

Quality Approach

For acosip, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications are a step in the quality process management and preservation of the environment. With ISO 26000 acosip is based on recognized guidelines for the engagement in sustainable development.

Social networks

Currently, the ethics of major social networks does not allow us to join with the exception of professional network LinkedIn and some others in the future.

Become a member of ACOSIP

No matter if you are an independent person or an organization, if you share our values and goals, personally or professionally, we invite you to Contact us so we can get to know each other. ACOSIP is a place for young and old alike —come and share your passions and skills! Participation in projects is open to people of all ages. Everyone can contribute, albeit in a modest way, to the positive and sustainable evolution of the world of business and industry.

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