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logo CanopyZ
 an ACOSIP's project

From the beginning into the ACOSIP's activities integreted, Canopyz appears as the association plan's flagship. Its management is done under the supervision of a committee composed of members, external partners, and a project manager.


Canopyz is at the origin of a reflection on the pedagogical interest and attractiveness of the exploring of the forest on various storeys, from ground to canopy. However, this type of environment is relatively fragile and the passage of many visitors can quickly lead to a transformation, even a destruction of the ecosystem. One of the mportant factors in preserving this natural environment is the minimisation of human impact at the level of degradation of the ground (erosion, compaction). 

Discover differently

Whether through a rain or a temperate forest, observation of vegetation, wildlife, and landscape remains a well appreciated recreation or relaxation moment. Today, more than ever, it is essential that an awakening establishes the necessity to preserve our environment. As Nicolas Hulot said: “the delight is the first step towards the respect”.  

The idea is to offer at the same time a playful and cognitive activity, integrated into the natural environment with minimal ecological footprint. This kind of attraction can not only bring an answer to the natural environment’s safeguard subjected to activities leisure, and also let discover the whole diversity which offers the vision in height. 

Innovative process

This innovative system allows the visitors to carry out a route in a natural environment, such as a forest, or in (sub)urban areas without contact with the ground. The project is currently at the stage of advanced study and should soon lead to a prototype, then to a commercialization by 2012. For more details, thank you to contact us.

Priorities in the Canopyz' conception

  • Safety for users, staff, and environment: standards refer to the study to approval, and to lead the system’s certification.
  • Reliability: in a general way simplicity is synonymous with reliability; this criterion is important when evaluating a solution.
  • Lightness is a key-element allowing to best integrate a course into the natural environment while requiring minimal attachment structure.
  • Design: concept's adaptation in its environment with the option to integrate a didactic support, and accessible to people with physical disabilities
  • Reduced production and maintenance’s costs.

Integration in natural environment

Thanks to its conception, Canopyz causes a very reduced impact on the biotope. This system allows a novel approach of the natural environment in which it is integrated 

  • in the forest, it offers the traveller the access to various strata - from the ground to the canopy - allowing him to observe the ecosystem’s variety;
  • in with difficulty accessible places such as gorges or caves, they become approachable to all, safety for the traveller as for the environment.

Foret amazonienne

Integration in (semi)urban  environment

 At the playfulness and cognitive Canopyz aspects, we can also add a utilitarian dimension:

  • route in a wildlife park, zoo, etc.
  • discovery of an archaeological site, historical area;
  • movements in a park, a group of buildings, etc.

Bear in nature park

logo CanopyZ
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